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NEW: Apple bands and discs for cakes

At FrotzFruits we focus on pampering nature to get the best products and serve them to you in the most convenient way so that you, chef or pastry chef, can focus on what you do best and spend time with the things that truly deserve it. That’s why we’ve created apple pie bands and discs!

Now it’s easier and faster than ever to make homemade apple pies, puff pastries or sponge cakes. Thanks to our apple strips and discs , you no longer have to peel, clean and slice dozens of apples and make sure that the slices are even. Ideal for those who bake a large number of cakes but want to give them their own personal touch: caterers, caterers, bakeries, pastry shops and bakeries.

Artisan cakes with apple strips and discs

Thanks to our new release you can take the time to make your own homemade doughThe one that sets your place apart from all the others that serve frozen apple pies: you prepare a dough for pies, puff pastry or sponge cakes in your own way, top it with the apple strips or discs directly frozen and customize them with the ingredients, toppings or syrups of your choice. It couldn’t be easier!

frozen apple discs for homemade cakes
Apple tart made from frozen apple segments

Sizes and shapes to suit all tastes

Our frozen apples are available in the following varieties:

While apple disks are ideal for round tarts or Tarte Tatin, apple disks are perfect for rectangular puff pastries as well as elongated sponge cakes. If these formats do not suit your baking time, you may be interested in one of these other formats available in Golden apple:

These formats are suitable for compotes and fillings for cakes, biscuits and puff pastries, while the frozen puree is ideal for ice cream, sorbets, mousses, production of craft beers or in cocktails, as it is a sieved puree to remove all fibers and skins.

frozen apple discs for pies
Ready-to-use frozen apple diced apples
frozen apple strips for catering
Frozen apple strips ready to use

Advantages beyond time savings

Although we know that the first thing you value is saving time in the kitchen. The use of our frozen apples in their different formats has a great number of added advantages as far as the final result is concerned:

  • Do not rust
  • Sweeter, 14th BRIX
  • Already have the desired shape
  • Color: natural intense yellow
  • Smell: fresh and authentic fragrance
  • Flavor: sweet, with very little acidity
  • Texture: crunchy, no chewy texture

Thanks to the selection of the best Golden apples at the optimum moment of ripening, we obtain the ideal color, fragrance and flavor. Your apple pie will always look the same no matter what time of year it is!


In addition, as a result of our IQF deep-freezing process, we ensure that the product you receive is in the same condition as freshly harvested in the field.

You already have everything you need to make the best artisan apple pie! We join forces so that each of us can do what we do best: we do the fruit, you do the processing.



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