Frotz » Passion Fruit Puree Carton 1 kilo

Passion Fruit Puree Carton 1 kilo

We search among the best growers in Vietnam and Peru for the most aromatic and sweetest passion fruits to make our puree. Our passion fruit puree, with its intense aroma, characteristic sour taste and yellow/orange color, is ready to eat thanks to the absence of seeds, which makes it even more convenient and delicious. Our passion fruit puree is distinguished by its intense and bright color due to its high brix content. Its texture is smooth and homogeneous, and given its high brix content, we have not added sugar, thus preserving its purity and quality.
Due to its high brix content (natural fruit sugar), our passion fruit puree has an intense and bright color, with a smooth and homogeneous texture. In addition, we have not added sugar thanks to its natural sweetness.

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