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The use of frozen fruit purees in modern cocktail making

Cocktail making is a constantly evolving art that is always looking for new flavors and textures to delight the palates of drink lovers. In this quest, bartenders and mixologists have found in frozen fruit purées
frozen fruit purees
a very versatile ally that has revolutionized the way cocktails are created and enjoyed.


The use of frozen fruit purees

From its ability to provide authentic flavors throughout the year to its role in the simplification of the preparation process, Frozen fruit purees have proven to be a very effective a very convenient tool for bartenders and mixologists that seek to surprise and delight their customers with innovative and delicious cocktails based on natural and fresh ingredients.


Natural Ingredients

At a time when authenticity and freshness are essential in beverage creation, frozen fruit purees have gained ground by allowing cocktail professionals to work with natural ingredients all year round, regardless of the season. These purees capture the essence and sweetness of fruits at their optimum ripeness, resulting in a base of authentic and vibrant flavors for cocktails, without resorting to artificial flavorings or syrups.


Almost unlimited variety

The versatility of frozen fruit purees is a determining factor in their growing popularity in the cocktail industry. From reinvented classics to original creations, bartenders can experiment with a wide range of fruits, from classic
strawberry purees
passion fruit
coconut in different textures
. The more innovative ones play with
frozen yuzu puree
. These purees can be mixed and matched to create unique and exciting flavor profiles, unleashing the creativity of the experts behind the bar with distinctive recipes such as a
yuzu margarita
. In Frotz we currently have almost 40 varieties of fruit flavors.


Consistent Flavor

Flavor consistency is a constant challenge in cocktail making, especially when working with fresh fruits whose flavors and textures can vary according to season and region. Frozen fruit purees offer a reliable solution by providing a consistent and predictable flavor in every cocktail, as the fruit is always harvested in season. This ensures that customers enjoy the same experience every time they order their favorite cocktail, whether it be a
pina colada
or a
strawberry daiquiri


Efficiency in preparation

Frozen fruit purees not only enhance the quality of cocktails, but also optimize the preparation process. Instead of peeling, chopping and crushing fresh fruit each time, bartenders have ready-to-use frozen purees that allow them to have ready a delicious
mango daiquiri
in just 2 minutes. This speeds up drink production and allows professionals to focus on presentation and cocktail creativity.


Cost reduction

Last but not least, the use of frozen fruit purees results in great cost savings for the companies in the gastronomic sector that use them. The use of frozen fruit pulp does not present any type of waste, since 100% of the purchased product is used. Also, since we do not depend on seasonality, our product is not subject to price changes throughout the year, so the cost of your cocktails will always be the same, with no surprises.


And you, have you already tried to prepare your cocktails with frozen fruit purees?
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