Frotz was created to satisfy the best and most demanding pastry chefs and ice cream makers.

About us


Our range at Frotz we are constantly expanding our range to offer the best quality.



At Frotz we want to bring sustainability to your business with this new 100% recyclable tray.


We know what inspires you

At FROTZ® we give you all the fruits you need to get inspired and achieve the best creations with the best fruit with minimum added sugar, no heat treatment and all the flavor of natural fruit.

We select the best fruits to elaborate our purees with the best quality/price ratio.

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We search in the best fields for fruits to freeze IQF preserving all their qualities.

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2 recipes of coulis with all the balance and color of each fruit and a perfect texture.

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What makes us different

We are the first Spanish company to produce IFS-certified frozen fruit purees, with the first recyclable cardboard packaging on the market.

The virtue of experience

From our factory in Navaleno (Soria) we elaborate our FROTZ purees with all the care and dedication that we already had with AROTZ. 42 different purees and 49 carefully selected IQF fruits.

We look for the best origin

We search for the best fruits at their optimum ripeness all over the world. We harvest them when they have the highest brix point.

We hand-pick the fruit

Frotz’s philosophy is to produce a puree with fruit of the highest brix degree without sugar, free of artificial flavorings, without coloring or gelling agents, GMO-free. We maintain all the texture, aroma, color and flavor of ripe fruit. As simple as that, as difficult as that.

We respect nature

With the addition of our unique heat-sealed recyclable cardboard packaging, we will meet our sustainability objective.

Serve with lots of flavor

Since 1960 with Arotz we have reached all the professionals of the hotel and catering industry with our boletus variety and for the last 40 years with our IQF fruits. With the new range of Frotz purees we want to serve with the same professionalism to confectioners, ice cream makers and food industrialists.


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A natural world of possibilities

Do you want to get the most out of our products? Our team of experts shows you how to use the FROTZ® range of frozen fruit purees in ice cream recipes such as ice creams, sorbets or slushies; pastry, confectionery, cocktail and cooking recipes, always with the gourmet touch that characterizes us.

In our recipe section we offer you inspiration and news of the national pastry and ice cream from the hand of Ricard Martinez, our brilliant ambassador.

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Frotz commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is one of our main concerns at FROTZ®! Every day we seek to further reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the protection of the environment, and one way to achieve this is by investing in solar panels to generate clean and renewable energy that allows us to produce and preserve our frozen products in cold storage at our facilities in Navaleno (Soria), where we have been manufacturing for 60 years.

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