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Frotz is the leading producer of frozen fruit purees in Spain since most of the frozen fruit purees sold in the domestic market are French.
Frozen fruit puree is made from selected fruit picked at optimum ripeness. Once harvested, the fruit is crushed, sieved and deep-frozen at our facilities in Navaleno (Soria).
Frotz’s philosophy is to select fruit at optimum ripeness with the highest Brix to obtain the sweetest fruit naturally and only add the minimum sugar necessary.
Frozen fruit purees are made without artificial flavorings, colorings or gelling agents… GMO free.
All our fruit purees have the IFS Certification showing our commitment to quality products, guaranteeing the safety of our customers with an annual audit by IFS technicians.
Manufacturing process without heat treatment
Our exceptional manufacturing process without heat treatment to avoid the loss of vitamins, natural color and organoleptic properties typical of each fruit.

Our raw

Frozen fruit puree provides significant savings in time and money with great benefits for ice cream parlors and professionals:
There is no need to prepare the product. The fruit is peeled, cleaned and crushed ready to use.
We offer you the quality and availability of fresh fruit throughout the year. Frozen fruit puree maintains all its organoleptic properties, color and flavor.
Easy to unmold and portionable package, to avoid wastage.

The history of Frotz, Arotz and Ebro Foods

AROTZ FOODS, S.A. belongs to EBRO FOODS, S.A., the largest agri-food group in Spain.

AROTZ FOODS, S.A. is located in Navaleno (Soria), in the middle of the largest pine forest area in Spain, considered the mycological province par excellence. AROTZ also owns the largest truffle plantation in the world, with more than 600 hectares, very close to the plant in Navaleno.

For more than 60 years in Arotz “WE PAMPER NATURE”. Our experience, dedication and obsession to obtain the best quality in our products is what has allowed us to be leaders in the Spanish market.

Founded in 1960, it is a company with a long tradition dedicated to the production of wild products such as TRUFFLE, MUSHROOMS, FUNGI, FOREST FRUIT, TROPICAL FRUITS, FRUIT PURES, VEGETABLES AND CHASTE NUTS, in several production lines: fresh, deep-frozen, canned, dehydrated and “V range”. To all this we add Ebro Group products, such as rice and pasta of the highest quality.

AROTZ products are mainly present in the hotel and catering sector, but we also supply large-scale distribution, specialized gourmet stores and industrial customers.

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