Frotz » CALAMANSI AND PITAYA, our new frozen fruit purees

CALAMANSI AND PITAYA, our new frozen fruit purees

In spring, most ice cream parlors present their new flavors for the coming hot summer… At Arotz we are very proud to do our bit for innovation in the ice cream industry with our sugar-free frozen fruit purees:

The best Spanish fruit purees

Day by day, we work with the illusion of becoming a a benchmark supplier of natural fruit purees in Spain and we are aware that in order to achieve this, we must further expand our product range, which with these two new flavors now comprises a total of 37 frozen fruit pureesincluding chestnut (which is not exactly a fruit).

We are especially concerned about offering you a product with no added sugar so that the protagonist of your ice creams, slushies, cakes, cocktails… is the real sugar naturally present in the fruit and, therefore, a high Brix degree.

In addition, whenever possible we like to offer you local products because we know that Spain produces fruits, not only of a very high standard, but also of a very accentuated sweetness thanks to the large number of hours of sunshine that we enjoy in our country. Some examples are the limited edition of our raspberries from Soria (one of the most desired by our customers),
cherries from the Jerte Valley
lemons, oranges, tangerines and even yuzus from Valencia.
yuzus from Valencia
and Murcia, peaches and
figs from Extremadura
among other frozen fruit purees of national origin.

Calamansi puree

Although we know that it is not to the liking of all palates, calamansi or calamondin is undoubtedly one of the most refined citrus flavors (with the permission of yuzu). It is an explosion of nuances in the mouth that combines sweet, acidic and aromatic, evoking mandarin, bitter orange, lime and pink grapefruit.

buy pure de kalamansi
Calamansi, the most aromatic citrus fruit

Calamansi has become one of the citrus fruits of the moment, as it allows the same use as lemon or lime, although adding more powerful aromas. Its juice is ideal for flavoring desserts or drinks as well as pastry preparations due to its good complementation with chocolate, which combines very well due to its intensity.

Our frozen calamansi puree is made with 100% fruit, without sugar, flavorings, preservatives or colorings. Undoubtedly, a wild card in cooking or baking to be used in jams, jellies and jellies, as well as flavoring in cakes, biscuits and pastries. Its use is also very convenient in ice creams, sorbets and slushies, as well as in cocktails and craft beers that seek to differentiate themselves by an original flavor.

Red pitaya puree

Although it is much better known than calamansi, its consumption in Spain is also quite recent. However, once it has started to be marketed in supermarkets and large supermarkets, the dragon fruit has attracted the attention of Spanish consumers, not only for its peculiar shape, but also for its nutritional benefits.

frozen red pitaya puree
Pitaya red, the superfood that gives a lot of play

We are fascinated by the natural fuchsia color of the red pitaya, which gives a lot of play in confectionery and ice cream. But we are even more in love with its properties, which make its gastronomic applications even more interesting. This fruit is characterized for being low in calories, antioxidant, high in vitamins B, C and E, Omega 3, fiber, as well as iron, calcium, phosphorus, among other health benefits.

It is available as a frozen fruit puree made from 100% red pitaya pulp, with no sugar, flavorings, preservatives or colorings. Mainly suitable for making breakfast bowls with other fruits. It is recommended for direct use without thawing in the blender with the rest of the ingredients. Also for making ice cream and sorbets.

Although in other fruit purees we usually sieve the fruit to achieve a uniform texture, in this puree we have kept the seeds intact, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because it is in the seeds where all the Omega 3 is found.

In addition to the frozen puree, we have also launched this fruit in the following formats
frozen pitaya cubes
ideal for salads, smoothies, fruit salads, fruit salads, garnishes, but also for ice cream when you want to use diced pieces.


We hope you like these novelties and we are already working to surprise you very soon with new additions to our wide assortment.
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