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STRAWBERRY “Fragaria L”-Diced 10×10 mm

In FROTZ® we select the best strawberries of the Camarosa variety also called California Strawberry in the Spanish fields between the months of May and June when they have a greater sweetness and intense red color.
Spanish variety Camarosa of great aroma and color, selected so that there are no green or unripe units.
We cut them into 10×10 mm. cubes for use in both baking and cooking.

REF. 4365


Boxes of 5 bags of 1 kg each.
They are presented in cubes cut to 10×10 mm obtained from the original fruit in frozen condition (by IQF ultra-freezing).

Tips for Use

Ideal for cakes, creams, milkshakes, coulis, ice creams, mousses, cakes, bavarois, jellies, fruit salads or used as topping, they prove that the gastronomic scope of strawberries is infinite. For use in confectionery it is recommended to gelatinize them.

Organoleptic Characteristics

Color: typical of the variety of this fruit: intense red.
Smell: Characteristic of fruit and fresh, very fragrant.
Flavor: typical of strawberries, very sweet.
Texture/consistency: soft fleshy texture and very juicy in the mouth.

Storage Conditions

Tested shelf life: 42 months, kept in original packaging and stored frozen at -20ºC.
If thawed, it should never be refrozen.
Thawing should be done under refrigeration (2 to 5ºC) and kept at this temperature until thawing.
total consumption, recommended in a maximum of 48 hours, preserving its organoleptic properties.

Nutritional Information

Approx. per 100 g.
Energy value in kcal36
Energy value in Kjul149.0
of which, saturated fatty acids<0,01
of which, sugars7.0
Dietary fiber2.2
BRIX with refractometer at 20ºC: 9 º +-2.5

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