We carefully select the best Spanish figs from Extremadura to create an exceptionally aromatic, naturally sweet fig purée with its characteristic dark green color. We select the fruits at their optimum ripeness and then sieve them to remove all fibers, skins and seeds. In addition, due to its high natural sugar content (brix degree), we hardly add any sugar, thus preserving its authentic flavor.

REF. 4346


Polypropylene tray with secure closure to guarantee the freshness and protection of our products.
Format 1 kg. Boxes of 6 units.


Black figs (Ficus) (100%).

Tips for Use

Suitable for ice cream, sorbets, pastry, confectionery or cooking.

Organoleptic Characteristics

Color: typical of green-blackish fig flesh.
Smell: Characteristic of figs, fresh and sweet.
Flavor: typical of this fruit, sweet and juicy.
Texture/consistency: smooth, creamy and homogeneous texture, without pips.

Storage Conditions

The proven shelf life of our product is 42 months when kept in its original packaging and stored frozen at -20ºC. it is important to note that once thawed, the product should never be refrozen to ensure its quality and food safety.
It is important to remember that the product should be thawed under refrigeration (2 to 5ºC) and kept at this temperature until fully consumed. It is recommended to be consumed within a maximum of 4 to 5 days to preserve its organoleptic properties and ensure its freshness.

Nutritional Information

Approx. per 100 g.
Energy value in kcal95
Energy value in Kjul397.1
of which, saturated fatty acids<0,01
of which, sugars22.5
Dietary fiber2.3
BRIX: 22º+-2,5 PH: 4.6+-1

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